Work experience

I spent the summer of 2004 working in a warehouse which pumped out video games. I kind of liked it, I knew how everyday would go, some fun people to chat with, and not too draining. Plenty of time and energy left over for my increasingly successful drinking career, basically. My least favourite part of the work though was when the people from head office would come and mingle with the trogs like me on the production line, as if a handshake once every few weeks made up for the minimum wage we were paid. I think the company line was it was good for us all to be one happy team who better understood each other’s daily working lives. I saw it as wasted time which would need to be made up later. But I did think about that summer yesterday when I was taking some pictures of my own family.

My mother gets to come down to New Zealand once a year if that from England to visit her only son and only grandchildren. So it’s a pretty big deal. And rather than snap every moment of every day in the modern style, my idea was to knock out a decent set of images at our local park and then be done with pictures. It was at this point where I started think about those managers who were clogging our space under the pretence of better understanding our work because I it brought to mind  all those stressed, but still smiling parents, worried how their children were going to behave in front of the photographer. It was good to see this from the other side as I watched and listened to my own 2 complain about the possibility of photos with Nanin instead of cartoons. Or being asked to look at the camera instead of the interesting birdlife in the trees. I think we got there, though. And I’ve got another series of experiences to draw on next time I’m with a family. I’m pretty patient anyway, it’s a comment I tend to hear, but there’s always time for another unnecessary  dive into a camera bag whilst a tantrum washes over, or a quick scout for another location whilst warring siblings lose their rage. So here’s a couple of images from the photoshoot I did with my own family yesterday. I think we all did okay.