Difficult things.

My sister, six years older than me, had Technical Lego as a child. She worked on it solidly for hours at a table slightly too high for me on the weekends with our Dad. Or perhaps she worked on it briefly one weekend and my Dad stopped to help for five minutes. Either way, it seemed terribly important, and beyond my comprehension. I imagined them both to be engineering brains of the highest order, with a form of intelligence I would never be able to match. Perhaps a similar thought passed through the mind of my eldest daughter when my youngest asked if she wanted to help with her new birthday present.

How like my eldest daughter that is, to assume something would be brain scramblingly hard and so give it a wide berth. How like my youngest daughter too, to believe in herself, enjoy, and persevere with such a task.

So here is my youngest, with a present from  my sister, her Aunty, behaving like my wife whilst I sit silently in baffled awe.

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 9.09.25 pm


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