First loves.

I love you and I love you and look see I scratched your name on my hand with a compass, so I love you, right?

Not that I was a weirdly possessive boyfriend as a teenager. The mix tape was a good way of saying sorry, or I love you, or I’ll miss you (You’d better write. YOU’D BETTER WRITE) I remember. Every aspect was crucial, from the obvious (the track listing) to the labelling (the same for both sides? Should band names be written in the band’s own style?)

I was reminded of this by some snaps of old mix tapes a friend of mine recently found. I did a little bit of work for her recently, too, photographing volunteers putting together boxes of necessary items for newborn babies. These pictures returned me to a first love in a different way, too. I don’t often get to sit and watch people up close go about their lives anymore, and I really enjoyed the process of choosing a position and then waiting for the pieces to fall into place.



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