Walks and talks

I’ve got a feeling the manager of the last school I worked in wouldn’t have liked my classes too much. Don’t tell them about yourself, was one comment from a colleague who had been recently observed. My class never knew the colour of my pants exactly, but my understanding was that these classes were a two way process, a sharing of opinions and ideas, and only by doing so would students be engaged enough to want to use their English. So my classes were always the ones who knew expressions like ‘in the dog house’, because teacher had recently done something which had put him there. My class also knew what an ‘arm and a leg’ was, because during our lesson on money and numbers I’d told them about my latest car catastrophe, and how my lack of common sense had caused it.

So sharing, allowing oneself to be vulnerable. If you want it from someone else, whether it be because you need them to open their mouths and voice an opinion in a second language, or because there is an expression you want in a picture, it has to be a two way process.

Thanks to Courtney for taking a short walk this week around the beautiful grounds of the Ōtaki Womens’ Health Centre. It’s such a small area, yet I never see the same shapes and colours twice.

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 9.28.55 pm


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