Wedding Day

We were encouraged to turn away from our lunch boxes and flasks, covered in pictures of the Muppets and Knight Rider as they were, to read the message being written on a large flip chart. ‘Princess Diana gives birth to a boy’ it said, or possibly said.

I wasn’t sure why I was supposed to clap and cheer then and I’m not sure why I am supposed to clap and cheer now. Not that I want to see heads on spikes, I’ve never been that person. But I’d welcome a day when they hand over the keys, with a cheery thanks for the all the cash.

But you can’t deny totally what is happening in the world around you, or where you come from. Growing up in a household which held Royal wedding parties, part of me longs to be part of a commonly held set of beliefs-not because I believe in them, just because they remind me of a time when life seemed easier. So I had a look at the wedding pictures this morning, and you can’t deny the light. One picture in particular, as the bride walks down the aisle, lit by sun streaming in  from high above on her right, leaving those on her right in darkness, glowing gently from the reflected glow of her dress. It’s a beautiful image, and as always with images it has me searching for other images which feature the same effect.

Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 11.43.26 am

So. It’s an autumn morning in a small New Zealand town four years previous to Danny Lawson’s image. The time is mid morning on a beautiful, crisp day as the sun illuminates the right side of the vicar. Family members attendant to mark a christening are in darkness, except the face of one, illuminated by the light of a hymn sheet, which has been held into the light.

And then this would be how memory works then. A series of events connected by a vision of the quality of light.


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