Pre-Season Tournament at Ngā Purapura

A tutor of mine once dissuaded me from using sports images in a portfolio. I understand his reasoning, which was that without a certain kind of lens, my images were going to pale in comparison. It’s true I don’t own the kind of monsters which come with their own   monopods, which is part a matter of economics, the other part being I’m just not interested in that kind of camera work.

So photographing sport for me is often solving a puzzle. Where can I be to maxmize the effectiveness of the gear I have. What do I need to focus on to visually represent this sport in the best light?

Last week’s netball pre-season netball tournament at Ngā Purapura was my first decent look at the sport. It moves fast, too fast to follow the action through the lens as I normally do, and watching through the lens didn’t allow me to understand how the action flowed. So. Camera down. Watch. Absorb.

Posted then are my take on netball. Slow shutter speeds and panning to highlight the speed of the game. Focusing on the players who best emphasised the skills unique to the game; the ability to sprint, take the ball and stop dead. Noting these points, the importance of speed and breaking speed, meant spending half my time not taking pictures, just watching instead. But that’s how I like to work, and why I am less and less keen on the type of work where I am in and out before I’ve really formed an opinion of the people or place being photographed.



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