Unfamiliar nerves

Idly flicking from one webpage to another, in an attempt not to think about the state of my life, I’ve got half an eye on the upcoming Liverpool Roma game. Liverpool were a team my Dad admired when I was a boy, so I did too. They played properly, apparently, and weren’t flash like Man United. My Dad didn’t like flash. Last night watching different players say the same thing from any number of angles, the suggested videos include the last time Liverpool played Roma in this competition. I watched that with my Dad, too. I think the game was played so late that clocks couldn’t keep track. I think I had to sleep for an extra day to get over the lateness of my bedtime. Rewatching now, the game seems so distant and foreign. There’s a lack of slickness to the commentary. The graphics are rudimentary. The stadium doesn’t feature the same brandings which can be seen at all the big sports events nowadays. It all looks so unfamiliar.

I usually react well to unfamiliar situations when I am out with the camera. I know the images I want, and, even if the position I need to be in puts me nearer to the action than others would go, I’ll do that, as recently I’ve been thinking this is the only way to honour what’s in front of the camera. So why the loss of nerve last Saturday? The unfamiliar surroundings of a venue I hadn’t been to before?  Posted are the resultant images.


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