…and the Fonterra Young Sportsperson of the year is…..Tegan O’ Callaghan of Doubtless Bay….

Okay who is that? and which direction is she coming from? Will the flash fire? sure it will, we just tested it, it’s good  but the lights were brighter then, so knock it back a notch is that her, yep that’s her here she comes, is the lens wide open to get in the reactions? because we can’t alter it when she comes near, this one handed shooting won’t allow for it is she close enough? no one more step, but this is her moment will that annoy her? no it’s okay she’ll come right past and we can

.and the Norwood Rural Sportsman of the year is John Kirkpatrick of Napier…

Is that John? No that’s a guy getting up and leaving the room. Handy timing. Here comes John, good straight toward the Team America guys let’s get them in the background that will give the pic some great context, don’t want to stand in Paul’s way but want to be close to him, not too close that Tegan pic was good but this guy feels like he needs to be in a different spot here he comes almost time to



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