Holiday Pictures

I don’t take many pictures on holidays. Scenes of the beautiful places have already been photographed by many people, so a postcard of those will do just fine. Lugging a camera around from one sightseeing trip to another distracts me from the people I am with, and the place we are in: I just know that if start with the camera thing, one picture won’t be enough.

Which isn’t to say there aren’t any holiday snaps from this year’s trip, there are a few. Splashes into the pool. Portraits with new stuffed animals. But mostly the pictures which did get taken during my week off were ones made with no haste, during moments where time slowed and conversations stretched. Which is my favourite thing about holidays.

So here are my holiday pictures. They don’t look especially holidayish, but I know when I return to them in many years to come, they will remind me of what was best about our week together.


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