-So does anyone know what we use ‘consequently’ for? Anyone? Anyone?

-There’s a man from my country. He’s a famous. You know? You know him? His names is C and R. It is Cristiano! Cristiano Ronaldo!

Which was how my interaction with Antonio went in class last Monday. He’s not normally in my class, but the teacher for his immigrant class was sick, so Antonio sat with us. Understanding little, but taking everything in, nonetheless.

Some days I’d do my best to get back on track, but this was Monday morning, and sometimes all you can do is head in whatever new direction presents itself and hope you come out somewhere reasonably useful at the end. And I’ve always enjoyed the diversions and the need to (try and) balance the requirements of the individuals which make up a class. So Antonio told us about the great Cristiano Ronaldo, and ended by giving himself a cheer. Which cheered me, no end.



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