Training Day

I remembered my own running days these evening, as my eldest daughter described how she had finished tenth in her cross country. I was also a cross-country runner. 800 metres, too. I don’t know if I was especially good. I just wouldn’t give up. and I hated being overtaken.

I do remember a fair bit of training though, although in the years before my teens training happened everywhere and anywhere. Run for play. Run for one of the three, four football sides I played for. Run home from a friend’s house in the dark. There was no thought attached to any of it, but all those yards must have had some positive effect.

I train these days too, to keep my eye in, to remember what gear needs extra tape, to remember how to stay sane when the people you are surrounded by are drunk. I also train because the act of photographing,the actual doing of the thing, keeps the paranoia at bay. No questions, or doubts which tend to creep in uninvited all to often during the quiet times.

So I train to maintain and remember,and it works well. A lot of worthwhile events or organisations get photos of a standard they couldn’t normally afford. I get to maintain a level of sanity I can live with. Win win.

Pictured here are images from the Te Horo/Waitohu School joint fundraising ball, which took place last Saturday.



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