Two types of image

The truth of an event as related by photographic imagery is not only reliant on what the photographer does during the event, but also on which images he/she chooses to make available to the world.

Roughly two types of images emerged from photographing a day of senior teams Rugby League last Saturday at The Otaki Domain. The first type of image, I tried to resist. These images focused on the camaraderie between the players, and the enjoyment they took from still being capable of a decent run out. Although many moments did occur where team mates laughed at their and their team mates diminished power and skills, to focus only on these moments would have been whimsical and sentimental. And there’s enough whimsical photographic content in the world to last for all of time, whether it be meaningless hashtags, written to show meaning where there is none, or twee soundtracks to images of modern day, back to the past family living.

So although my eye focused on lighter moments, it was important to make and show the other type of images. These images show that desire and determination on the part of the players has not been lost, even as they themselves have been slowed by the passing of time. This was easiest to spot in the eyes, which seemed to narrow as they looked for a gap or a pass, or widened in anticipation of a tackle.

For me this type of image have more relevance to the event and the men playing in it. It would have been easier just to look for the Last of the Summer Wine moments, as they were easier to spot. But these men still took the game seriously, even if only for the time it took the shutter to click. And so those are the images I looked for, and present here.


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