Inga, Chris and company.

When the scope of a wedding is so big that the bride and groom to be are communicating with walkie-talkies, you know you’re in for a one off experience. And so it was with the wedding of Inga & Chris. If this makes the day sound ostentatious, then it wasn’t. No unnecessary frills, no stopwatches at the rehearsal timing how fast/slow pre-school flower girls need to walk. Instead, there was a lot of family and friends coming together to make sure guests of all ages were considered and cared for. In short, a loving, inclusive atmosphere.

Photographically, the scope of the day wasn’t without its challenges, but then, as much as large events can produce nerves before an event, nothing focuses my mind more than a big challenge. I relish what I fear, you could say. Not that everything went right. Images almost got missed, including a decent one of  Chris and his groomsmen. In fact, I was packing up, late in the night when it came to me that there were no pictures of the men together. But perhaps this should be a future tactic. Because leaving this image to the last after everyone has sampled the wine and loosened the collar led to a relaxed, natural image which speaks well of the day.

For the couple themselves, I wanted to show the informality of the day, as well as the glamour. Which is why I asked Inga and Chris if I could post these two particular images from their day. The location was beautiful, and they looked glamourous, so a shot in the woods with a bit of a kick from the flash to bring them off the background was a way to achieve this. They were also relaxed and fun to be around as they prepared, with the bridal party and the groomsmen wandering in and out of each others’ rooms. Which is why I enjoy the image of Inga preparing a tie to go around one of the mens’ necks, whilst Chris has a quick swig from a bottle of something bracing.

Lastly, it was just a beautiful experience to be a part of. Over the course of a few hours, there is always time to put down the camera and reflect. Such was the case during the ceremony, which took place by a river, overlooked by trees. The ceremony featured ten minutes of Buddhist chanting, which gave me the chance to consider not just how good working life can be, but how good life can be. So thanks for that, Inga and Chris. Reunion in the same place in 2022?

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 10.53.27 am


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