The road is long

..with many a winding turns. Which for me have included stepping on a bride’s dress, and coming close to setting on fire a guest’s jacket. Neither of which are as bad as Terry Neil’s bad day at the office. Terry photographed Mick Jagger’s wedding to Bianca Perez Mora-Marcias, except he didn’t as he forgot to load film into the camera. So there’s always someone who has screwed up worse.

Another of my misadventures in photographing weddings was managing to not get an image of Te Raumoa, Alisha, and her close family. I’m still not sure how that was, but pictures don’t lie, and there wasn’t one of the family. So last Monday we all got together to put that right, which is easily done when you live in the same town. It should have been a breeze but we got rain, so spent most of our time half in, half out using a couple of speed lights to balance the light.

So thanks to all involved for not clouting me around the head with my camera for missing the shot in the first place, and also especially to Joseph and Johnny for getting rained on a fair bit whilst we grabbed a couple of frames. We even found time to re-enact a picture we did manage to make from the big day last year, as well as a family post last made ten years ago. I think we should do it every ten years. If everyone’s knees can take it, that is.


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