The Ball

We see different things when we look at the same photographs, each one of us bringing our attendant memories to bear on the image in front of us. Hopefully Suayd and Levi see a reflection of how wonderful they looked together last Saturday night. For their families, perhaps it is pride in seeing what their children have become, and are becoming. The more clinical part of myself looks and wonders whether that back light is in the best possible place, whether it should have been turned up just one more notch, or whether more could have been done to remove  the shadow falling onto the skin in the balcony shot. Another part of me sees these two people but remembers two others, standing together in a cramped hallway nearly twenty five years ago. Her in a full length green dress and a half and half locket, he in a thick, woollen dress suit, complete with a packet of 10 Silk Cut in the inside pocket.


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