Harley v. Lambretta

The guitarists I like listening to the most are not those that pull faces. One of my favourites, the English guitarist Johnny Marr, once said why ride a Harley when you can have a Lambretta? And I think I know what he means. Why be showy when there is no need?

I think about photography in a similar light, and I enjoyed seeing what I set out to do being acknowledged by the people I photograph, as the young woman in these pictures said they were ‘nice and simple.’ Which is how I like to keep things on a shoot. Because if I’m dreaming up ways to balance a reflector on my head so that it lights someone swinging from a tree whilst the other people in the pic act like they are in a Celine Dion video, then I’m not doing what I consider is important. Which is making that connection which leads to pictures where people can recognise themselves and the relationships they are in.

So thanks Hera for picking up on this, and thanks to you and Moko for your time last Saturday. Let’s do it all again when you are three.

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 9.53.41 pm


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