Alex & Dan

I wonder what people see when they look at my website or Facebook page and decide that yep, he’ll do for us at our wedding. Some similar reaction must occur though, because I tend to photograph weddings where the emphasis is definitely on the event itself, rather than on a long romantic photo shoot with the bridal party. I’m better at the event stuff, I know that, which made Alex and Dan’s wedding more of a challenge for me. But I enjoy the challenge. And Alex gave me one when she said the wedding would involve a gent in a full Darth Vader outfit, and that it would take place at The Milk Station in Otaki. This to me meant we needed some pretty decent images, of the kind more traditionally expected of a wedding photographer. And I think we did okay, although that’s never fully for me to say.

Personally though, I’m happiest when on the hunt for the moments which reveal the relationships between the people involved, and which occur within  pleasing shapes, and below are a couple of those, also.

So, to Alex & Dan then. And this next part I probably shouldn’t write, given that it suggests there is no need for me to have been at their wedding in the first place. But the truth is, the moment when Dan walked down the aisle with his Nan will live long in my memory, and it won’t take a photograph to remember that time. What a beautiful gesture from them both.

Live long and prosper guys.




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