It’s cold and windy right now and I have my dressing gown on. And a full set of clothes under it, too. So summer’s probably gone now. And gone also is a run of weddings which took up every weekend from January until last Saturday. Which isn’t to say there won’t be anymore, just nothing booked in for the next short while. This then, seems like as good a time as any to put up some of my highlights from the last few months working weddings.

So of all the thousands of shutter clicks, these three are the ones that stay in my mind. They might not be the ones that have meant the most to the people who asked me to come along with a camera, but they are my favourites because they say the most about what that time and place felt like to be in, and that’s important to me as a photographer. More important than nailing the big romance shot to be honest, although I’m pretty good at that one too.Those pictures don’t always relay what the day was about. What I am more interested in is the  relationships between the people gathered there to celebrate the special occasion, and how it can be caught by clicking just as one pair of eyes meets another, or by noticing gestures and expressions which  can only exist within these groups of people, or by clicking when three or more mini narratives can all exist within one frame coherently  and which encapsulate the chaos and cohesion of the family unit.

Images are from

The wedding of Sarah & Gordon, Tatum Park, 2017

The wedding of Briar & Dan, Kuku, 2016

The wedding of Kim & Eli, Otaki, 2017



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