Me the magpie

I have a photographic memory, or at least, I have a memory for photographs. I do have a photographic memory in the conventional sense too, but that’s not important right now. A memory for photographs means that when I’m working or making pictures for myself,a scene will often present itself, and at the same moment remind me of pictures already known. This is not uncommon, and was referred to by Jerry L. Thompson in his book, Why Photography Matters. Thompson describes Walker Evans and Robert Frank as having visual conversations with each other through time with their images, in particular with the two photographs below.

Rather than a master of the medium, I’m a snapper who has seen a lot of pictures . Which means that when I come across a group of people serving food across a bar, my mind goes to the images Martin Parr made in the cafes of New Brighton in the early 1980’s. Or when I see four close female friends, or sisters, together, I see the pictures made by Nicholas Nixon of his wife and her siblings. In a more abstract way, when I see people and objects make pleasing shapes which exist for less than seconds, I am thinking of Garry Winogrand and the photographs he snatched in the 1960’s.

Featured here are three images of mine taken at a recent, beautiful intimate wedding held on the property of the bride’s mother.

And below are the images which were in my mind whilst I was working.


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