Remembering not to forget

One common link through the six countries I’ve lived in, and the countless jobs I’ve done, has been the desire to force things to work when they plainly aren’t working. Mainly that has been through stubbornness, an inability to admit mistakes, or through some need to fulfil some deep rooted Protestant requirements which have made me believe at times that life is meant to be a long, tiring slog. More entertaining from my single days living in China was the various attempts to make a  number of  relationships work even though they were plainly doomed. Not that I can ever regret those years. I met my wife in China. We have two beautiful daughters together now.

In terms of photography, I go for the hard stuff because others don’t. I got really good at diffusing flash and pinging it in at most shoots I’ve done. But as you get older, you realise there is a time and place. And maybe it isn’t always needed to drag out a light or two. Not when the same effect can be produced in other, easier to manage ways which leaves me free to work on the really important aspect of my image making. For me, the connection is key, and it’s hard to focus on someone when half the brain is wondering if my light stand is in the right place, if the flash is sufficiently powered down. Heck, if the damn thing is going to fire, even.

So, here’s to 2017 and simplicity. Although give it a week and I will have probably forgotten all this. I have trouble remembering to forget things, sometimes.


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