I had a birthday this week, and my wife put a new battery in my favourite watch. It’s been a while since I’ve worn it. The year before, she had a new strap put on. So it’s been at least three years since I’ve worn it as a working watch. I’m not hugely materialistic, but I do like my watches. I like to think this links me to my Dad and his brothers who definitely didn’t have much when they were younger but had a sense of how things should be done. My Dad’s brother Charles, who my Dad was closest to, wouldn’t go into the city with trainers on. My Dad once asked for a knife and fork in KFC. Neither of these points made them snobs, they are among the most humble people I know. They are, or were, just a product of the time and place they grew up in. So when I wear my beautiful watch with its Italian leather strap, it reminds me of these men. It may be a romantic notion of their past, it may be a truthful one, but it’s the past, so who can say for sure?


Below are a couple of other watches I have picked up along the way. A lovely art deco piece, bought on a Sunday afternoon stroll in Prague. A gold watch which has been in the family for over fifty years.


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