What we were, what we are.

In the book on photographic theory, ‘Another Way Of Telling’, John Berger outlines a key difference between cinema and photography. With cinema, we are always anticipating what is to come, rather than looking at what was once, as is the case with photography. And so here I am, looking at a collection of images made of my daughters over the last twelve months, remembering those times and considering how they have  changed physically and how I have changed my approach to image making. The earliest image, at the beach, is similar to many of the thousands of images they are in. They play. I watch, and try to make an image which suits the time and place. The second image, chronologically, serves as a mid way point to what I used to do a lot of, and what I am increasingly doing now. My youngest daughter, Ada, looks into my camera, whilst her sister, Stella, remains occupied by her outfit. The final image in the woods is much more representative of the last few weeks. The action stops. We make our picture. The action starts again. Which is the more successful method for telling their story as it occurs to me? Watching a moment, or creating my own, quieter moment? And what is the reason for this change of style?


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