I’m going to Jackson.

I’m done with the study now. As a way of coming to terms from the shift from late nights and odd hours, to a life with goals and paths….actually no this sentence is going nowhere. It’s not even interesting in the way that many of the dead ends and sharp lefts in life have been. Here’s a series of pieces about some of the more memorable aspects of the last couple of years.

Look at ball. Whack ball. Whack ball again, less hard. That’s my understanding of golf, which isn’t to say that it doesn’t take some skill and hard work to get good at whacking the ball. Which is why I couldn’t understand the idea of great players suddenly becoming average. Why not just keep doing the thing you do, again and again?

Then I read about how top players will completely change their swing action, to either make themselves more consistent, or to prevent injury through stress and strain. The transition from one way of holding the club to another has left some great players looking temporarily average, for example I remember when this happened to Tiger Woods. Unless he was just busy thinking about something else.

I felt a little like this when I started my photography degree a couple of years. I was a pretty competent photographer of scenes unfolding in front of me on the street. I could even knock out a decent image of my future wife, mainly due to the fact that she had nowhere to hide. What I couldn’t do a couple of years ago was walk into a space and decide on how a scene should look. My first experience of this was trooping up and down Jackson Street in Petone collecting images for the local council. Largely it wasn’t fun. People who didn’t want to be in the pictures. People suspicious of the project. People who liked the idea of the pictures and hoped I would be back again soon to take more pictures of them and their shop. And the comedians in the pubs. Everyone loves a funny guy.

So most of these pictures and others from the time aren’t of the quality of earlier images which were made in a style I was more comfortable with, but they were a start. And the ones below, are…not too bad. The best of an average bunch. What I do like looking at them now, is that they contain elements of what I always wanted to my images to have. An evident interest in the people contained therein. So even when the flash is flying off the walls, or flaring in the corner of images, the most important element, the connection, was already there.


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