The hot place




So I lived here for a year, from the beginning to the end of 2010. Hard to say why now. A desire to provide an income for my wife and newborn daughter. Wanting to continue what my wife and I had had before living in NZ whilst waiting for the birth of our firstborn. An inability to take any direction except the one I already knew. So it was another place, another teaching job.

It was also the first place where I made a serious attempt to make a photographic record of the people around me. The camera had been a large part of my life before that, but only for something to go out into the streets with and catch moments, never to stop someone,talk to them, decide where they should stand, sit, or what they should do in a picture.

I was reminded of this period in the last week when a picture I took of a colleague appeared online, six years on. It led me back to the other images I made of my teaching colleagues. So how do they stack up? They’re not bad. The most pleasing aspect was seeing there’s a connection with the person in front of the camera. The expressions look freely given, the result of the conversation occurring before, during and after the click.

So here’s a few images from the hot place (the name given to the place where my eldest daughter spent the first months of her life) Would they look different if taken today? Probably. Sometimes learning a lot is not a good thing, though. The hardest thing I have found recently is knowing when to use all the tricks and whistles I now know, and when to just….make the connection.




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