I think if you are my age, and of my background, and with my tastes, it’s hard to not at least be aware of Jeff Buckley’s 1994 record Grace, if not be completely in love with it. Highlights for me? That would be the cover of the sixtieth century hymn, Corpus Christi Carol, and how it is then followed by the kick ass rock of Eternal Life. Magic stuff.

I like also the image on the cover and the story which surrounds it. Jeff’s record company didn’t want to go with Merri Cyr’s image which showed Jeff looking away, or down, but Jeff insisted, knowing that this was the image which showed him the most in tune with his music, being as it is a picture of him hearing the songs which would make up Grace.


As with just about any image I have ever taken, there’s always my images’ better known cousins lurking in the back of my mind. So it was today. These pics are of two of my classmates, the jewellers Hanae & Molly. I’m ready not to be studying anymore, but there’s some people I’ll be sad not to see around on a weekly basis, in their studios and in lectures. I really hope these two get to continue doing what they are good at, but life’s uncertain and we’re not at accountancy school. Maybe that’s not the point right now though. What the study becomes should be separated from what the study has been. So, onwards and sideways for us all.


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