Yes, I do.

I like photographing weddings. I’m not so keen on the couple of days before when I’m running through all the permutations which will/might/would never occur and not be able to tell them apart, but once it’s on, it’s on.

Weddings stretch me in ways that other work doesn’t, due to the fact that so many types of images are required. Fuzzy warm close ups of all the little details. Yep. Posed formal and informal portraits. Yep that, too. Digging paths through throngs of boozy dancers. Yep three times.

And all the while, the eye is always out for those moments that say, I love you, or we, as guests at your wedding, love you.

So I like photographing weddings. The chance to enter other people’s lives for a day, and give them something which (hopefully) reflects how the day felt. And maybe even make enough money to pay off all my car infringements. We can all dream.


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