Down on the farm

I’m no fan of mawkish inspirational music which urges me to be the best I can, but I do like the song, ‘Brand New Start’ by Paul Weller. Paul tells us that he’s ‘gonna fix up the yard,and not fall back again.’ What I like about this is the suggestion that there are times when….well, Paul can’t be fucked basically, for one reason and another. Which is how my back yard gets. Recently I looked at some pics from a couple of years ago and it looks like I really gave one at some point.

What happened?

When does I’ll do it next weekend turn into that horrible cycle of not being able to look at the state of it all, then the overwhelming sense that the job is just too big to handle, then just ignoring the whole sorry mess?

But maybe it’s time to fix up my yard again though. I even bought some natty gloves from our local out of town mega sore today. That’s almost as good as doing the job itself, right?

Maybe the recent realisation I own a (not even a nice looking) jungle is something to do with the end of the study. I’m a bit over it right now, although there’s a few people I’ll miss. Time to put energies elsewhere. Time to hack away, then. But just not tomorrow.




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