Monkeying around

I read about an anthropologist once who, when he found out his wife was pregnant, announced it would be an excellent opportunity to raise a baby chimpanzee alongside a human counterpart. I don’t think his wife was massively impressed. And I don’t want a chimp in the house especially. Although I do kind of know what he meant.What I feel for my daughters on many days catches my breathe, but aside from that, as someone who always has a camera to hand, it’s been a chance to photograph someone to the extent where the expressions are wholly normal. It’s what I attain to with many pictures and occasionally manage. It happens a fair bit with Stella and Ada though.

So here they are, and their cousin Joel, too. They share a bond, as Joel mentioned today on the way to Junglerama, a place which is as fun as it sounds. If you are six. All three of these little ones were born in my father-in-law’s front room. I wasn’t there for Joel’s. The other two I remember well. I boiled the jug a lot, sometimes even when it was a required action.

I should be doing less of this now, and more of the degree. But there’s five bucks of gas in the tank and I’ve crested the hill. It’ll take care of itself, and one day my girls will take care of themselves, too. But not yet.


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