What’s that noise?

The tapping has been getting louder for some time, now.

Cocooned in the warm embrace of a fixed income for three years, my art degree has given me plenty of space to roam around my head and produce work I enjoy and also finds favour with a small number of people.

But it doesn’t pay the bills, though.

So, what next? As with every time I step out of education, I seemed to have muddied the waters, as opposed to clear them. It was the same feeling in 97 after the first degree. And again in 09 after the PGCE/half finished Masters in Education. And it’s pretty much the same, now.

The idea was to have a decent enough amount of photographic work to keep chugging along, and, although there is some work, it’s not enough. I’m either not talented enough to pick up the work, or not enough of a brazen social media whore to gain the attention required. Probably a mix of the two.


Back to work, then.

And here’s a few pictures of what I tend to do when the tapping gets loud and I need to shut the world out. Take a well loved object, and light it in various ways until I’m content. Bounce that light of a reflector. Cover that light with a sheet of paper. There. This is a stone head from Cambodia. I’ve been rubbing it for luck for about fifteen years, now. All considered, I’ve been pretty lucky.



2 thoughts on “What’s that noise?

  1. you certainly seem to have your head around social media Simon! You don’t have to love it to use it and it can be used for positive connections too. I love the lighting of the head by the way, very nice.


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