Guy who was in that thing.

I’m not really the right age to understand why Michael Douglas was ever a popular movie star. I wasn’t born when he was doing his San Francisco cop thing. And I didn’t really care for movies about finance when I was eleven, either. He was in those films which were okay if the video store didn’t have an available copy of Raider’s of the Lost Ark, but that was about it. He was in the Sharon Stone movie a few years later, probably one of the most rewound and replayed movies of the VHS era.

But I did quite like The Wonder Boys, and that movie has come to mind recently. In the movie, Mike plays the novelist and teacher, Grady Tripp. Grady wrote a great novel years back and is now struggling with his second. He can’t wrap the thing up. He gets up to two thousand pages and is still nowhere near completion. Which is where my own issues come in. All things must end, and my degree work is supposed to be wrapped in a tidyish bow by late next month. But I’d rather make new images, and follow new (possibly pointless) paths.


So here’s the most recent development. I’ve developed a bit of thing for photographing screens. So far so that’s not photography. But it’s now developed into photographing screens with words on, too. Why? For slogans to sell to Hallmark? Possibly not. But here they are anyway.





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