The rough, not the smooth.

I’m increasingly drawn to things that jar. I don’t enjoy how our world is presented to us through the media in carefully woven segments, with considerations made to music, visuals and text. Increasingly, I want to subvert the expectations which exist within my area of interest. Many photographers I know use text to either complement or name their work. Many others package their images within a piece of music which suggests a certain mood. I now want to use text, but assign the words I attach to my images in a more random manner. I have been labelling the recent images I have made by photographing my screen with lines taken from news stories. The labels can be read in different ways. As I use text which suggests a counter narrative to the individuals in the images, they jar and confuse, as opposed to clarify as text is expected to. But I think they work on a whole. By exploding the facade of a news broadcast by making images at slow shutter speeds, and assigning these images labels taken from unconnected events, I am making counter narratives, possibly based on truths, but which are often ignored or overlooked. I have taken the eloquent and urbane President of the United States, and made an image more in keeping with a man who can declare in front of adoring crowds an end to the stock piling of nuclear weapons, and receive a Nobel Prize, but also increase spending in nuclear/conventional warheads faster than any other President. The images are troubling, and suggest deep dark waters behind what we see when we tune in for our daily doses of tv. If they were people, my images probably wouldn’t make many friends, they would be ignored or scurried quickly past. Not dissimilar to my experience waiting to discuss my work with a panel of art experts last week.

As I trawl through stories looking for lines which may come of use, I listen to music. A particular favourite are The Pixies. Their blend of extreme noise, sweet melodies and weird lyrics seem to suit the task perfectly.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 2.09.10 pm



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