The Borg & Baudrillard.

I never was much of a fan of Star Trek growing up. It got left on, mainly due to the lack of televisual options at the time, but there was always too much chat and not enough action for me. The Borg though, I liked. I even went to the flicks to see First Contact. The idea of the Borg – a collection of species who function as a collective and force other species to assimilate – came back to this week as I looked over some of the influences for this year’s work. I’m big on patterns right now, so I took all of my artist reference images and fed them into grids, as I have been doing with other images recently. When this process is repeated again and again, the overall effect is to render the individual works as completely the same, coloured dots only which function to complete a pattern. Doesn’t that sound a little like the Borg, roaming the galaxy in the pursuit of perfection, taking whatever they need and adding it to themselves?

My finished grids of artwork also bring to mind the some recent readings of Jean Baudrillard, who, in his last book ‘the intelligence of evil or the lucidity pact’, stated “There are no actors or spectators anymore. We are all immersed in the same reality, in the same revolving responsibility, in a single destiny, that is merely the fulfilment of a collective desire.” A ‘collective desire’ suggests to me a reduction of differences and tastes, a sameness. So in this sense, taking all of my disparate influences, and removing all of their characteristics by reducing them in size, creates images which are a  visual reference to Baudrillard’s point, and also the Borg’s reason to exist.


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