More, but less

Six months on the same project has left me with hundreds of images and screen grabs. It’s a mess, and it needs collating. Literally, the data I’ve accrued makes no sense when thrown together, but on many other more pleasing levels the images below are a more accurate representation of me, and the times we live in.The images here are made up of screen grabs of every conversation I had on Facebook with collaborators, friends and tutors during the six months of my Eko project. The more colourful areas represent all the postings I made on Facebook regarding the work.

The images are personal, and, hopefully universal, too.Firstly, everything is ordered. And I love a coherent sense of order. Secondly, the final image offers all the information possibly needed to understand my project, but rendered impossible to understand by the size of each individual image. In this sense, the image works as a comment on my personal understanding of the  world; information is everywhere, but answers are harder to find. On a personal level, the desire to hide myself, or my work – done here by making more and more grids until all that is left are dots on the page- speaks of my own sense of self worth. I wish to disappear. The images also take on their own meaning due to their shape and content. Those which appear unfinished, where the patterns do not reach all the edges, are my maps of unfinished terrain in which the online world bleeds out into the physical world. Make of them as you will. We do all like to see patterns. Even when they are not there.




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