Once more with a little heart

…and then once more. And then once more for good measure. Recently, I’ve found a way to personally make sense of what feels like encroaching madness by fragmenting and then reordering images into neat patterns of rows and grids. The many pieces represent something broken, be that my own personal view of the world, or the world itself. The desire for the reordering comes from the need to impose some kind of order on the chaos. But I’ve also looked at another way to repeat patterns, in a manner which is far more straightforward. By using the exact same image over and over again, I’m suggesting the image has more certainty, is more correct. But the reality is the opposite,as the image is merely me, playing a role. The lack of certainty contained within a message which is being repeated over and over again, is compounded by the effect of the captions, which could be taken to be about the person in the image, or could be seen as addressing whomever is viewing the image, or even could be connected to a third party, as it is obvious they are taken from a separate source. The whole is a question mark, again and again. And a whole room of them would look fantastic.



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