What’s in a tune?

…Quite a bit, according to Neil Postman who discussed the nature of music in news broadcasts. According to Postman, the use of music removes TV news broadcasts from the realm of the factual, and repositions them as entertainment. Postman says,”as long as the music is there in the frame for the program, then the viewer is comforted to that there is nothing to be greatly alarmed about.” The same can be said of online content; if the frame contains the sight of a YouTube logo, or a Facebook thumb, can it really be taken seriously? These thoughts were in my head when I recently came across a video on what to do during an attack by a gunman. Can the answer to this problem really be more community service programming? The madness of the short film only revealed itself in its’ full lunacy to me when I started to cut up the individual frames of the film, and then stuck them back together in random fashions. The finished images did enough to show what was occurring, but in their fragmented state suggest a far more troubled world to that which is shown in the original short film, with its’ calm narration and overlaid text.

My eyes find these images I make pleasing, and I wonder why. Is it because I enjoy a high level of order? Do the chemicals in my brain play a part in this? For an extra layer of madness (mine and the worlds’) I have begun to form patterns from my cut up images based on the chemical structures of the medication I am currently taking. This means that what you see now, is closer to how I react emotionally, and chemically to the world I see. Hope you like the view!


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