Look, do touch.

Nearly twenty years ago, when discussing how the internet would evolve and change our lives, David Bowie looked to the art of the early twentieth century for parallels. Quoting Marcel Duchamp, Bowie said, “the piece of work is not finished until the audience come to it, and add their own interpretation, and what the piece of art is about is the grey space in the middle.” Examples of the idea exist everywhere today where an event is not complete without its attendant online noise.Today, our world does not just demand to be part of the show, it expects to be part of the show. Which is one of the reasons why I decided to allow the public to interact with the photographs I put on display last month. To have hung beautifully printed images on a wall, in a gallery, behind a frame, with lights shining on them, is to cement their authority. And I don’t think this approach serves as a correct photographic response to the times we live in. My images from the evening now live on, rephotographed with their greasy fingerprints, and crude markings. They have been reimagined, in the way in which an event takes on a new life once it has occurred online through a series of memes,rants and tributes. And I do look pretty cool with a scribbled on goatee.


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