Generative art and a desire to disappear.



There are many days when on a small and a large scale, the ability to influence my surroundings seems beyond me, and yet I still desperately try. I organise my personal belongings in a certain way, and constantly worry about phantom forgotten objects,as if this will give me greater insight and performance in my daily life. I wanted to convey the absurdity of this notion, so recently I began to make images which feature tiny fragments of me, neatly ordered into (to my mind) beautiful patterns. I produced these by taking screen grabs of images of me which were then placed into grid like patterns. I did this again and again, so often that it became impossible for me to tell what the final image would look like, as the screengrabs became so small. Working in this generative fashion has satisfied me, in the sense that the finished images reflect our post -truth world where each event seems to have  a multitude of reasons and justifications, all existing at the same point in time. I struggle to decipher fact from fiction, allies from enemies. I strive to see a concise bigger picture – a concrete truth of how an event unfolded as brought to me by a trusted news source, but those times are long gone. So the images below are a response to our world, and my attempts to order my understanding of it. The more complex the images, the harder it becomes to see the individual parts of my body. And yet the whole feels like a more truthful portrait of me than a more traditional image;  insignificant and overwhelmed by the world and its’ digital possibilities.




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