Our multi-narrative world.

For the majority of 2016, I will be working on a large scale project which explores the role of data collection and media manipulation. To do this, I have created a fictional, satirical social media company, Eko, which allows me to blend various versions of truth. The confusion which ensues is expected and desired, as it mirrors our existence in 2016 where we are confronted by a multitude of narratives all of which, or none of which, may contain truth.

The social media company I have created is staffed by various versions of myself, all of which have been created by referencing characteristics and looks of well known types. I am the evangelical CEO for example, with his arms stretched wide on a stage. I am also the gritty photographer, unsure of the digital age, clinging to a look and style from the middle of the last century. When placed within their cultural settings, these portraits of me become lost among the many other representations of the same type of person, which intentionally lessens my presence within the world, and asks whether I am anything other than a set of cultural references.

This project peaks with an exhibition, or company gathering, early next month. Thoughts and reflections in the lead up to the show will be posted next week.



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